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You need to ask for an account on the c4science registry, see Account request.

Running a Docker image with Shifter - Step by step


  1. Get a docker image from dockerhub for instance

    Code Block
    $ docker pull alpine:latest
    $ docker images

  2. Set up your machine

    Login on the registry from your local Docker installation (you need an account, see #RunningDockerimagesusingShifter-Accountonthec4scienceregistrysee Account request)

    Code Block
    $ docker login
    Username (username): username
    Login Succeeded

  3. Upload a Docker image to the registry

    • On the web interface, create a Project on the registry (private or public)
    • Tag the image you want to upload on your local machine and push it to the registry
      NOTE: Do not use the `-` character in the tag name, only letters, numbers and underscore

      Code Block
      $ docker tag alpine:latest
      $ docker push

  4. Pull an image on Shifter and specify a user or group ACL

    • From each cluster frontend (i.e.:, login to the registry, pull the image and check it's was pulled with success.

      Code Block
      $ shifterimg login
        default username: <username>
        default password:
      $ shifterimg pull yourproject/alpine:latest
      $ shifterimg images
      tcm        docker     READY    9797e5e798   2018-03-15T16:00:59 yourproject/alpine:latest

    • You can specify one or multiple (separated by a comma) LDAP username and/or group so the image is only available to those people

      Code Block
      $ id
      $ shifterimg --group scitas-ge --user aubort,user2 pull yourproject/alpin

    • To update the user/group ACL you can re-run the pull command
    • The images are unique for each cluster (deneb, fidis, helvetios, izar)
    • To view the full info about the images (warning: JSON):

      Code Block
      $ shifterimg -v images
      Message: {
        "list": [
            "ENTRY": null, 
            "ENV": [
            "WORKDIR": "MISSING", 
            "groupACL": [], 
            "id": "9797e5e798a034d53525968de25bd25c913e7bb17c6d068ebc778cb33e3ff6e5", 
            "itype": "docker", 
            "last_pull": 1536842228.15727, 
            "status": "READY", 
            "status_message": "", 
            "system": "fdata2-int.fidis", 
            "tag": [
            "userACL": []

  5. Run the image