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You need to ask for an account on the c4science registry, see Account request.


Upload an image to Shifter from dockerhub using the (preferred)


You need to have Docker installed on your machine

  1. Get a docker image from dockerhub for instance

    Code Block
    $ docker pull alpine:latest
    $ docker images

  2. Set up your machine

    Login on the registry from your local Docker installation (you need an account, see Account request)

    Code Block
    $ docker login
    Username (username): username
    Login Succeeded

  3. Upload a Docker image to the registry

    • On the web interface, create a Project on the registry (private or public)
    • Tag the image you want to upload on your local machine and push it to the registry
      NOTE: Do not use the `-` character in the tag name, only letters, numbers and underscore

      Code Block
      $ docker tag alpine:latest
      $ docker push

  4. Pull an image on Shifter and specify a user or group ACL

    • From each cluster frontend (i.e.:, login to the registry, pull the image and check it's was pulled with success.

      Code Block
      $ shifterimg login
        default username: <username>
        default password:
      $ shifterimg pull yourproject/alpine:latest
      $ shifterimg images
      tcm        docker     READY    9797e5e798   2018-03-15T16:00:59 yourproject/alpine:latest

    • You can specify one or multiple (separated by a comma) LDAP username and/or group so the image is only available to those people

      Code Block
      $ id
      $ shifterimg --group scitas-ge --user aubort,user2 pull yourproject/alpin

    • To update the user/group ACL you can re-run the pull command
    • The images are unique for each cluster (deneb, fidis, helvetios, izar)
    • To view the full info about the images (warning: JSON):

      Code Block
      $ shifterimg -v images
      Message: {
        "list": [
            "ENTRY": null, 
            "ENV": [
            "WORKDIR": "MISSING", 
            "groupACL": [], 
            "id": "9797e5e798a034d53525968de25bd25c913e7bb17c6d068ebc778cb33e3ff6e5", 
            "itype": "docker", 
            "last_pull": 1536842228.15727, 
            "status": "READY", 
            "status_message": "", 
            "system": "fdata2-int.fidis", 
            "tag": [
            "userACL": []

Upload an image directly from dockerhub to Shifter


Run the image on the clusters

You can submit the following Slurm script with the sbatch command