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  1. On your local machine, generate an SSH key, ensuring a good key length and type :

    Code Block
    ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa

  2. Copy the public key from your computer :to any of the clusters

    Code Block
    cat ~/.ssh/

    Connect to a cluster frontend node (izar, helvetios, fidis, deneb1) and paste the public key in the authorized_keys file:

    Code Block
    mkdir .ssh
    chmod 700 .ssh
    echo 'ssh-rsa AAAAXXX[...]' >> .ssh/authorized_keysssh-copy-id <username>

    As the /home  is shared can be done by connecting to any of the clusters and will then work for all of them.

    You should now be able to login without a password on all the clusters including the data nodes.


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