If you have a problem that can't be resolved by reading the FAQ or the documentation then you are very welcome to contact us.

Step-by-step guide

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  1. How to contact us

    In order to reach the SCITAS team please send an e-mail to 1234@epfl.ch .
    The subject has to start with HPC


    HPC - Segmentation fault with Intel MPI

     The HPC is needed to route your message directly to us. If you omit it your e-mail will have to be manually assigned by the Service Desk and this will take a bit longer. 

    You will then receive an e-mail saying "You have reached the Scientific IT and Application Support Team (SCITAS) with your message" along with a reference number INC0XXXXXX. This means that your problem is being tracked and that things are working.

  2. What we need to know

    If you need general advice then please give as much information as possible - we don't know every code out there nor what they all do.

    If you have a problem running a job then, as a bare minimum, we need to know the job ID and cluster along with the following information

    If it's a compilation problem then obviously there won't be a job ID but the rest of the points remain valid.

    You are also welcome to provide other background information that may help us such as

    As an example of how not to and how to do things here are a few examples:

    My job doesn't run but it works fine at my friend's institute. Please help.

    My job number 5467879 on Fidis fails with the error "No remaining cheese - please milk the cows". The output files and executable are in /scratch/bob/mycode

     My job number 5467879 on Fidis fails with the error "No remaining cheese - please milk the cows". I submitted this with the script at /home/bob/runmyjob and the output files and executable (mooveit.x) are in  /scratch/bob/mycode

    This code was running fine until Wednesday the 13th when I started to get this error. It doesn't seem to happen all the time as some jobs (such as 5467312) run to completion.

  3. What happens next

    The SCITAS team members on support duty will start investigating within half a working day and, should more information be needed, you will be contacted. Depending on the complexity of the problem we may invite you to visit us to discuss the problem in more depth.

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