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  1. Prior to the installation you will have to request a license_id
  2. To install cryosparc you can use the script

    /ssoft/spack/external/cryosparc-scripts/ -v

    When prompted, enter <license_id> and <password> (this is for your user account to be created). If the network port is already used by another user, you can specify a base port with `-p <port>`

  1. Once installed you can start the master on the font node of the cluster (this is in test it might change depending on the load generated by the master)

    /ssoft/spack/external/cryosparc-scripts/ start

    It should give you the address at which you can connect yourself to the web page.

    Since this is on the front node you should be able to connect from anywhere on the EPFL network, on sites or through VPN
  2. You should be able to connect to the web page at this point using the user account created at the end of the installation (user name should be your EPFL email address, and the password is the one specified above).

  3. Once you complete the jobs, you can stop the master

    /ssoft/spack/external/cryosparc-scripts/ stop

    If you asked for the free license, do not create user account for your colleagues since this would be in breach of the license terms

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