This documentation should help you to configure the SCITAS clusters as parallel cluster in your local installation of MATLAB.

This should work with MATLAB >= 2019b.

So first install MATLAB 2019b from distrilog (or by following this link). You will need to install two addons:

Once this is installed in the "Parallel" > "Create and Manage Clusters..." dialog window, import the configurations:

Correct the location of the plugin installation to reflect your setup : PluginScriptsLocation ($INSTALL_DIR/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019b/parallel/slurm/nonshared)

Test your installation with the "Validate" button (the "parpool" test might fail if you don't have a static IP). This may take a long time depending on the current workload of the cluster.

In case of the error "Failed to initialize the interactive session" during the "parpool" test, set the hostname explicitly on the client host. To do that, use the pctconfig command in a fresh session of MATLAB before validation tests, like